• Sisis Tractor Mounted Scarifiers

    Overview Features

      Rotorake TM1000
      -1m wide mounted scarifier with single shaft.
      -2mm tungsten tipped blades & collector
      -Floating unit to follow ground contours.
      -Fast ground coverage.
      -Interchangeable blades and optional variable spacing.
      -Quick, simple depth setting without tools to max. 50mm.
      -Contra-rotation of reel throws debris forward for clean, consistent groove.
      -Standard Cat.1, 3-point linkage.
      -Collector box for use when working to depth of 25mm.
      -When used without collector box, scarifying unit can be offset so that wheels do not run over the removed thatch.

      Veemo Mk2
      -Triple, mounted hydraulic driven, 2m wide.
      -Includes 57 2mm tungsten tipped blades.
      -Improved chassis design incorporating pivoted rear section and support wheels at front.
      -Efficient hydraulic system with large volume tank, fewer pipe connections and stainless steel braided flexible pipes for improved heat dissipation.
      -Direct drive to tine shaft via hydraulic motors mounted on scarifying units.
      -Extra durable tungsten tipped, hook blades with variable spacing.
      -Improved depth setting incorporating locking micro-adjusters on each unit.
      -Blades new registered design.
      -Tractor power requirement - 30hp minimum.

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