• Sisis Tractor Mounted Powered Brush

    Overview Features

      Osca 3
      -Working Width 1.8m
      -Three point Linkage Mounted (Minimum 18HP
      -Equally effective on natural and synthetic turf.
      -Aggressive brushing action disperses top dressing quickly and evenly, preventing excess material being left on the surface where it could contribute to disease.
      -On synthetic surfaces, keeps infill mobile, preventing surface compaction and loss of porosity.
      -On synthetic surfaces, maintains infill level at a constant depth, giving consistent playing characteristics, and preventing pill damage caused by reduced infill levels.
      -Uses fewer passes than conventional drag brushes, causing less compaction.
      -Option of using any 1.8m implements from mounted frame options using twin implement extension arm kit.
      -Storage frame is supplied as standard.

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