• Sisis Tractor Mounted Aerators

    Overview Features

      Multitiner 1.2
      -Working Width of 1.2m
      -Choice of interchangeable tines Max working depth of 100mm (4 ins).
      -Quick-release pins and clips for rapid tine change Integral weight bar for additional weights if required.
      -Rear spring-loaded pressure roller fitted as standard Standard cat.1.
      -3-point linkage for use on most compact tractors.
      -Can also be adapted to fit most trucksters.
      -Simple design for low maintenance.
      -Tractor power requirement - 30hp minimum.

      Multitiner 1.8
      -Working width of 1.8m
      -Three drums with independent rotation.
      -Choice of interchangeable tines with a maximum working depth of 100mm (4ins).
      -Quick release pins and clips for rapid tine change.
      -Standard cat. 1, 3-point linkage for use on most compact tractors.
      -Simple design for low maintenance.
      -Guards are easily removed.
      -Roller, fitted as standard can be used for extra weight in hard conditions.
      -Tractor power requirement - 30hp minimum.

      -Working Width of 1.8m
      -Minimal Surface Disturbance Depth is infinitely variable to a maximum of 127mm (5ins).
      -Quick, single-lever depth setting for easy adjustment.
      -Cam trigger mechanism ensures that the air is always expelled at the bottom of the tine penetration, enabling treatment to be targeted precisely and consistently.
      -Working at 75mm (3ins) spacing, air is introduced at a rate of 88 litres (3cu.ft.) per minute.
      -The air injection tines are specially designed to use the maximum air available from the compressor which produces clean, fresh air at a constant rate.
      -Tipped tines for extra durability.
      -Alternative tines for other operations such as hollow coring prior to top dressing.
      -Wide working width.
      -Fast forward speed for excellent productivity.
      -Minimal maintenance – all bearings fully sealed and no grease nipples in the drive system.
      -Quiet in operation

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