• Fleming Land Rollers

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      Flemingʼs have been manufacturing landrollers for over 40 years, resulting in a wealth of technical experience in this field.

      Compact models include:
      - 4ft (4 x 24 x 6)
      - 5ft (5 x 24 x 6)
      - 6ft6 (6.6 x 24 x 6)
      - 8ft (8 x 24 x 6)

      Designed initially for agricultural grassland and cereals, Fleming rollers are now used on a wide variety of applications including:

      - parkland & sports fields
      - horse menage and gallops
      - horticultural use
      - the manufacture and maintenance of golf course, sports pitches and grass turf production.


      levels the pasture to prevent unwanted damage to other machinery
      levels out playing fields for visual effect and for ease of use
      flattens mole hills
      prevents rainfall from lying in any indents/small holes
      promotes a thicker crop
      low maintenance piece of equipment

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